Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?

YES! Almost everyone can benefit from the whitening process. Whitening typically works to its best potential when clients acquire staining overtime due to daily habits (coffee, tea, wine, and smoking) and visit the dentist regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Each individual’s results may vary, so it is important to recognize the correct sessions and aftercare products designed to your lifestyle.

Will I experience sensitivity?

You should experience little to no sensitivity. The majority of our clients do not feel anything. Our whitening gel contains the ingredient Potassium Nitrate. This is found in most sensitive toothpastes and aids in decreasing typical sensitivity during a whitening session.

The LED light will also speed up the breakdown of the whitening agent causing less harm to the gums and less damage of the tooth enamel.

Is it safe?

Research has shown that if the teeth and gums are normal and healthy, there are no adverse effects to bleaching one’s teeth.

Individuals with tooth decay and with any type of gum disease should avoid this treatment. If someone has questions as to whether or not to do whitening, they need to consult their dentist. Luminosity and our partners are not dentists and cannot diagnose dental conditions.

What is our guarantee?

Luminosity offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! We take pride in our passion to aid in white smiles and make sure all of our clients our 100% happy!

Keep in mind; results may vary from person to person. An individual’s actual tooth is just that, individual, and unlike anyone else’s tooth in shade, density, shape and genetic color. We do see that some people will have dramatic results while others more subtle. The truth about teeth whitening is that your teeth can not be made whiter then genetically is possible and that everyone’s results will depending on genetics, life style habits, and teeth whitening history, therefore there is not one product designed to fit the needs of every individual person.

How long does the whitening last?

There are many factors that contribute to the length that your whitening will last. A typical whitening session will last around 6months to a year depending on the following factors listed in the next section.

How can I keep up with my whitening?

1. Maintenance

This includes keeping up with your results AT HOME. There are many options out there. We offer everything from whitening toothpaste, on the go whitening pens or take home trays. The more effort you are willing to do with additional whitening products, the longer your white smile will last!


2. Genetics

Everyone is born with a different tooth shade. Some individuals can genetically hold whitening longer than others. This can also depend on factors growing up that might have changed your teeth and your whitening abilities, such as fluoride intake and medicinal staining.


3. Staining Habits

Staining from coffee, tea, soda, wine and smoking are the most common habits that make your yellow, dingy and dull overtime. A person that has minimal staining habits is most likely to benefit longer from whitening than a person who maximizes on all of these habits.


At Luminosity, it is our belief that you should NEVER have to compromise all those staining habits you LOVE! Choose you’re whitening session and take home products accordingly and you’ll be able to always achieve a white smile!

Are there any side effects?

Some people may feel a little tingling sensation, white gum line (blanching), or sensitivity, all of which are normal and hold no real danger. Typically, this will only last from a few minutes to 1 hour and can be alleviated with vitamin E oil.

How long before I can eat or drink teeth staining foods and drinks after their session?

In the first 24 hours after your whitening session, we would recommend avoiding coffee, tea, dark-colored sodas, red wines, berries, candy, red sauces, beets, or any foods that can discolor. Remember, if it leaves a t-shirt stained it will discolor your teeth.