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    Why so many Dentist count on BleachBrightPRO!


    BleachBright has developed a full collection of whitening systems to serve every dental clinics needs, whitening goal and application is our most concern. Only BleachBrightPRO offers the most scientifically-advanced solutions. Our whitening systems deliver the safest, most effective, professional results with none of the following:


    •No Refrigeration

    •No Sensitivity

    •No Damming

    •Only 30 minutes


    Just results that matter!


    If you're unsure about which whitening system will work best for you, contact your BleachBrightPRO consultant at (888) 929-2456 in the US, to walk you through options.




    BleachBrightPRO 3 in 1 in office Chairside Whitening


    The BleachBright Pro 3 in 1 whitening and oral care system is the most comprehensive whitening product on the dental market. It consists of (2) 15 minute chairside whitening applications, a home whitneing system and a whitening and enamel strengthening pen. The chairside whitening can be activated by any teeth whitening light




    (1) Syringe of 20% HP for 2 chairside whitening application

    (4) Vitamin E swabs to protect the lips and gums from sensitivity

    (1) Cheek Retractor

    (1) Moldable take home mouthpiece

    (1) Mouthpiece case

    (1) 1ml Syringe of 30%CP gel for at home use

    (1) StarBright On-the-go whitening and enamel strengthening pen  


    BB-Cool Advanced LED Whitening Light


    The BB-Cool Advanced LED Light is the most powerful and professional light in the teeth whitening industry. Its sturdy design, 5 powerful LEDs and easy to use functions make it the best light money can buy. It includes a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase and a lifetime warranty if you are ordering a minimum of 10 kits a month. Although the BB-Cool advanced will produce the best results when combined with BleachBrightPRO, you do not have to use our light to activate the chair side whitneing.  


    Home Whitening Refill


    Each BleachBrightPRO kit includes a moldable home whitening mouthpiece and a syringe of gel to prevent relapse. After the patient uses the syringe of gel, they can purcahse refill syringes from your office.



    (6) 1ml Syringes  


    StarBright Pen


    The StarBright pen is an on-the-go whitening and enamel strengthening pen. This product is also a great maintenance item to prevent replace. Your patient will get one with their initial BleachBrightPRO whitening, but most patients end up loving the way it makes thier teeth feel, and coming back for more.